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Meghan Hayes

A Visual Storyteller

I come from a long line of plantsmen, and a love for nature and the natural world seems to run in my family.  I started gardening with my mother when I was little, and I have been gardening using organic and permaculture methods ever since.  Growing flowers was always my favorite over edibles!  In the late 90s I lived and traveled in Italy, and I began learning about the science of gardening, such as soil structure, nutrients and micro-nutrients, the role that fungi play in the garden, and symbiotic relationships that create healthy ecosystems. My style was informed by Classical Italian art and design.  I have been gardening and designing since that time with a passion and gratitude that continues to grow.  

As a passionate creator deeply entrenched in both the landscape design and arts industries, I specialize in fashioning enchanting outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend artistic expression with ecological knowledge. With a keen eye for design aesthetics and a commitment to sustainability, I embark on parnerships with my clients to craft bespoke havens that captivate the senses and elevate the experience of land stewardship.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of nature and the dynamic interplay of elements, my work reflects a harmonious fusion of creativity and environmental responsibility. Each project is a canvas where I weave together vibrant flora, thoughtfully selected materials, and sculptural elements to compose a symphony of beauty.

Beyond the visual allure, my designs are driven by a commitment to ecological soundness, employing sustainable practices using native plants to ensure a beneficial ecological impact. From lush gardens that invite exploration to outdoor retreats that serve as living works of art, my creations aim to resonate with the unique essence of each individual, crafting spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply personal.

Collaborating with interesting people who seek to infuse their outdoor spaces with a touch of magic, I bring forth a narrative of wonder and beauty. Whether it's transforming a backyard into a whimsical retreat or designing public spaces that inspire connection and contemplation, my mission is to leave an indelible mark on the landscape, creating outdoor sanctuaries that celebrate the extraordinary.

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